The stage name Attlas, comes from the name of a villain in a video game called Bioshock In 2015, Hartford released the singles “Scarlett”,[4] “Wastaga”[5] and “Beside”.[6] He released an EP trilogy consisting of Siren,[7] Scene[8] and Sin[9] through Mau5trap in 2015.[10] Hartford sent his music to Mau5trap who then signed him.[11][12][13]

In 2016, he released “Ryat”, a single from his Bloom EP.[14] He also released the songs “Aspen”,[15][16] “Blood Work”[17] and “Frost”.[18] Attlas’ identity was not known until Pete Tong revealed it on his Evolution broadcast on iHeartRadio.[19] He said “There’s been a sneaky suspicion that he’s deadmau5 in disguise. However I can now reveal that he’s a fellow Canadian producer called Jeff Hartford.”[20][21] He was named in Billboard‘s “One to watch” for 2016.[22]

In 2017, Hartford released the singles “Bad at Titles”[23] with deadmau5, “Further”[24] and “What You Do To Me”.[25] Speaking about the beginning of his career on how fans assumed he was an alias of deadmau5, Hartford told Straight:[26]

“ “When I sent my music to deadmau5’s label and he chose to release it, people started assuming that my music was actually his side project… That response was such a big compliment to me… because Joel has always been a huge inspiration. But while it was fun for a bit, I suddenly thought about how I had to start being Jeff, so that I wasn’t being disrespectful to the brand that deadmau5 has built over the years.”

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